10 Days in Andalucia-Southern Spain

10 days to explore the spectacular Andalucia Region of Southern Spain and it's Moorish influences.

On the road again…. ! We are off to visit the beautiful sunny Andalucia Region of Southern Spain.

A welcome respite from the rain of Northen California this past winter and spring! This trip has long been moving up and down my “Bucket List”, for obvious reasons, it’s a spectacular place to see, up close and personal, the magnificant influences of the Moors during their reign in the Iberian Peninsula of Southern Spain.

La Giralda, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla

This trip I’ll be bringing you tips on the the places to explore, historic sites to behold and great eats, of course we’ll be bellying up to the best tapas bars and sharing what we discover! True to my blog name we’ll be peeking in the back door of kitchens throughout the Region and even cooking with a popular local chef in Jerez. I hope you’ll come along with us as we gather great recipes for you and share some of the origins of this wonderful regional cuisine.

10 Days in Andalucia will be a series created to share the region with tips on travel, culture, food and historic sites including the not to be missed spectacular Alhambra in Granada and the prehistoric cave paintings of the region, and those world renowned Andalucian horses!

Proud horses awaiting the arrival of the King at The Alcazar






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