About Me: The Kitchen Culture is Born!

I’m on my way to my next chapter in this life o’ mine. For years I’ve had a dream in the wings of my mind to write a cookbook.  That evolved into a blog (thus you are now reading this) which will hopefully allow me to circle back to the cookbook dream…. and beyond??

To give a little peek into who I am and what drives me to this blog thing I’ll share this with you. I have a passion for food, not (only) eating it necessarily, but creating something with it.  Something to share, to sooth, to excite, to intrigue or just plain enjoy! I love having friends and family around my table and nothing gives me greater joy than hearing those subtle little sounds people make when they bite into something that has delighted their taste buds.

Beyond my own table, I have a passion for exploring the world, and the fascinating way other home cooks all over the globe use food, spices and herbs in their own unique way. The use of indiginous herbs and spices date back thousands of years and shape the way cultures cook their traditional day to day fare. I’ll investigate these rich traditions as we hop around the world and bring you back what I discover.

So come along with me as I explore, I promise to  share some fun adventures, in my kitchen, as well as kitchens around the world. I hope along the way you’ll share with me your adventures in the kitchen and beyond!

Share the bounty and your table and spread a little joy along the way.

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    Sylvia Mitchell

    January 14, 2017

    Hi Megan. Just caught up with you. How exciting and interesting. Best of luck!

    Love, Syl and Bill


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