A Little Bit About Me:

Moving Along to life's Next Chapter

To give a little peek into who I am and what else drives me to this ‘blog thing’ I’ll share this with you. I have a passion for food, not (only) eating it necessarily, but creating something with it.  Something for those I love, to share, to sooth, to excite, to intrigue or just plain enjoy! I’m fascinated with the origins of food traditions throughout the world and how today’s cultural cuisines have developed their use of herbs, spices and local ingredients to warm the hearts and souls of all who partake in any cook’s gift of food.

I have a similar passion for exploring the world, and learning first hand, about the inner workings of the home cook’s kitchen, recipes passed down for generations, marketplaces and pantries and the investigating the myriad of cultural differences around the globe.

Living in the Wine Country north of San Francisco we are blessed with a full bounty of skilled small food purveyors, world class wineries and Farm to Table restaurants. I plan to bring you some interesting stories and share with you what I discover in my own back yard too, as well as parts of the globe I plan to explore.

I hope you’ll come along with me as I share some fun adventures in my kitchen, as well as kitchens around the world. And along the way maybe you’ll be inspired to share some of your adventures in the kitchen and beyond! I’d love to hear from you, drop me a line and tell me what you’d enjoy reading about from places I explore.

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