Delectable Dining in Old Hanoi

The Kitchen of the Green Tangerine


The Old Quarter of Hanoi has retained a bit of the old world charm we were looking for. Narrow street busting with pedestrian and motor traffic alike. Low rise buildings remininscent of the French Colonial Era or a small Parisian neighborhood and charming courtyard restaurants are mixed in with small shops and local apartments down tiny dark alleyways, giving the area an authentic feel despite the tourism it thrives on.

The Green Tangerine


The Green Tangerine Restauarant

Ready to try the local cuisine and check out a professional kitchen, we discover a spectacular little restaurant tucked away in one such charming courtyard, The Green Tangerine. The building housing this delightful little gem is a two story 1928 charmer at it’s finest. Softly lit windows shine through pale green shutters and tall french doors welcome you off the chaotic street into a sea of calm.

From the moment we sit down we are transported into a another dimension. Pale,creamy, thickly plastered walls supporting a tall, rough hewn beamed ceiling add to the ambience. As do the vintage light fixtures that veil the room in a comforting gentle glow. Table tops adorned with the most beautiful richly embroidered coasters and napkins set atop a sumpous dark burguncdy silk cloth, simple stunning!

Chefs at work

I was welcomed in to take a peek behind the scenes in their very professionally run kitchen. A slew of chefs, in freshly starched chefs jackets and toques busily preparing and plating dishes, looked like a page from the latest Savour Magazine. Friendly and efficient but all business.

The wine, pleasing to the palate, the food devine and expertly plated,the service incredibly warm and personal,we are in heaven. Particularly pleasing was the combination of quinticenntial French cuisine and local Vietnamese specialty dished, truly the best of both worlds.

Wild Mushroom and Noodle starter, fresh baby pea puree


The Green Tangerine– 48 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Salmon appetizer with avacado cones













































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