Sevilla… warmth and beauty abound!

The Tower of Plaza de Espana

Trains, planes and automobiles … and 24 hours of travel time, we finally arrived in glorious Sevilla. Opting for the more scenic travel route from Madrid to Sevilla we hopped aboard the very comfortable, clean and quiet Renfe train at Atocha Station. (A quick tip on getting there from the airport)

Madrid’s Atocha Train Station



We chose a comfortable seat, settled in and took some time to decompress from the long flight from San Francisco and enjoyed watching the countryside whizz by as we quietly glided along the modern tracks of the Renfe line. Spain has far surpassed our rail system with modern, spotlessly clean trains with an admirable “On Time” record, not to mention beautiful train terminals!












Interior of train terminal

As we took in the view from our large picture window, we were pleased to see that not far out of the city of Madrid the landscape slowly dropped away from the ‘in fill’ apartment housing and small factories and gave way to gently rolling, green hills dotted with small perfectly manicured olive groves. A few more minutes passed and the rolling hills were covered with verdant green sprouts from this year’s local crops bursting up through the soft, rich, red earth for as far as the eye could see. Such a lovely way to enter into our new adventure exploring Spain. What better to become introduced to the rural beauty this country has to share than to get a glimpse of the countryside outside of her cities.

Looking out the front gate of the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes

Looking out the front gate of the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes

Upon arrival at our home for the next 4 nights, Hotel Palacio de Villapanes we were warmly greeted and whisked up to our serene room on the top floor of this centuries old Palace. Modern elegant touches compliment the original stately beauty.

The courtyard entry from the balcony above

I can highly recommend this lovely inn with its beautiful open air courtyard brimming with potted plants and soothing fountain. It’s so easy to imagine how delightful it must have been to call this home when it was indeed a private residence not that very long ago.

The Grand Staircase


Dinner at Victoria Eugenia

Dinner at Victoria Eugenia

Victoria Eugenia Restaurant

A really lovely spot for a sidewalk supper

An easy stroll through the cobbled narrow streets gets you to Seville’s historic center where you’ll discover just how special a city She is, with her broad promenades lined with orange trees bursting with fruit and blooming purple Jacaranda trees shading her sidewalks.

There is so much to see so plan on at least 4 days to enable yourself to really feel the rhythm of the City and enjoy the tasty Tapas Bars which are boundless! We had a delicious late night supper at Victoria Eugenia, complete with strolling musicians!  Now this is Sevilla!



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