Morning recharge at the Tapas Bar!

Tapas bar in Seville
Tapas bar in Seville

Bar Alfalfa

A classic breakfast on the corner tapas bar in Seville.

Throughout most of Spain mornings consist of a very potent small cup of coffee (or two) and postres, or pastries as we know it. Or you can opt for a deliciously fresh, crusty roll filled with Jamon( Iberian Ham) and tomatoes, called a Bocadillo, or a Montadito if you want a little one open faced, more ‘Tapas’ style.

Partaking of this tradition is as much fun as the people watching of the ecclectic mix of patrons. Many of which quickly flowing in and out the door, or spilling onto the sidewalks when a table or standing room is scarce….. all adds to the ambience.

Imagining the backstory to the patrons is an entertaining game to play while sipping your drinks. On our second morning in Sevilla we stumbled across a particularly popular spot, Bar Alfalfa, so worth a visit! If only these walls could talk, what a story they would tell.

Who might this character be, a writer perhaps, or the unofficial Mayor?

While we haven’t made it back yet for the evening tapas scene you won’t go wrong with a visit day or night. This is an experience of the real Sevilla with a cast of characters you are sure to appreciate.

Bocadillo for Breaky



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